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Who is Emma?

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Emma DeSouza is a writer and human rights activist. She successfully reaffirmed the identity and citizenship provisions of the Good Friday Agreement by securing legislative changes to domestic UK immigration law. These changes granted all the people of Northern Ireland EU family reunification rights and expanded recognition of the unique status of the people of Northern Ireland. Emma worked on a cross party basis across these islands to gain political support for these changes, in addition to having gained support from the European Commission and Congressional leaders on both sides of the US House. Emma focuses her efforts in the area of constitutional law and enforceable human rights protections in Northern Ireland.


Emma also works on an all-island basis to improve women's equality, and leads on initiatives to further embed women’s voices in peacebuilding. She is the Vice-Chair and Northern Ireland Spokesperson of, which campaigns for presidential voting rights for Irish citizens abroad and in Northern Ireland.


In tandem with her other priorities, Emma is a journalist and writer, regularly contributing to the Irish Times, and is published in the Irish Examiner, the Guardian, The Byline Times, and many more. Her first book on how individuals can challenge the state and change the law is in development.


Emma lives in County Fermanagh with her husband Jake, their three dogs and their cat, Barney.

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